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We partner with clients to create productive and collaborative workplaces through professional and leadership development training, individual and team coaching, and culture consulting. 

Our company’s values of being collaborative, catalytic, and intentional drive our approach and our over thirty years of combined experience inform our methods.

If you choose to work with Lumin, we will help you lead change and change leadership.


Leading Change


Understand your culture; tune up your organization

An organization is like a machine with many moving parts and processes. As it runs, it creates a hum in the background. That hum is culture. As the organization becomes more complex, its processes can become less effective, its parts may stop working in alignment, and the hum becomes discordant. We can help you understand your organization’s culture and realign your people and processes to become more effective, improve performance, and achieve your outcomes. Think of us as your organizational mechanics!

Identify more efficient and effective ways to make changes that stick

Change is often needed, but hard to accomplish. You may know the changes you need to make, but struggle to get buy-in. Rollouts go wrong, adoption is low, and staff members become “change fatigued.” We know that change is inevitable – not an option, but a requirement. We also know that people respond to change in emotional, yet predictable ways. With our guidance, you will successfully discover areas of opportunity and develop plans to drive important changes. We make sure your plans are implemented and measure the results to put you back on the path to success with a clearer, more up-to-date roadmap.

Contact us to discuss turning these common organizational challenges into opportunities:

  • Concerns about organizational culture and climate
  • Outdated or inefficient processes or procedures
  • Ineffective mentoring or training programs
  • Interest in making important changes, but not knowing how
  • Noticing fear and resistance in staff, but not being able to manage or address them


Changing Leadership


People don’t leave jobs; people leave bosses and dysfunctional teams

Employee development efforts often overlook “soft” skills, focusing instead on technical skills. While the latter are critical, people “do business” with people: bosses, coworkers, and customers. When we spend over 1/3 of our day at work — sometimes spending more time with co-workers than our own families! — it’s no wonder that people problems are the reason most employees leave organizations. We can help you develop your emerging, transitioning, or current leaders to support retention and improve employee engagement and productivity.

Engage your staff; create momentum

Sometimes all you need is a little pick-me-up: an opportunity to spend a lunch hour, a half-day, or a full-day exploring a challenge or intentionally building a skill set. We can create those opportunities for you.

As expert trainers and facilitators we generate engagement, energy, and enthusiasm from participants in our workshops*. People learn and more importantly, remember, when they have the opportunity to actively experience and explore workshop content. You will NOT be stuck in your chairs listening to a lecture and watching a power point.

Contact us to discuss turning these common leadership challenges into opportunities:

  • New or ineffective supervisors
  • Technical experts struggling with supervision or management
  • Difficulty evaluating and managing staff performance effectively
  • New employees whom you want to onboard seamlessly
  • Unproductive or “stuck” teams

*We can customize any of the ones below, or create unique workshops tailored to your organization.

Sample workshops for leading change

Moving Forward Intentionally: Strategic Thinking, Planning, and Action
Maximizing Performance: Aligning Employees’ and Organizations’ Values & Expectations
Change Happens: Designing, Leading, and Implementing Change
Assessing Your Organizational Culture: Your People as Your Compass
Change Your Organization’s Culture: One Step at a Time
Metrics Matter: Evaluating Your Program, Workshop, or Process
The Future of Teams – Productivity and Performance in Virtual Environments


Sample workshops for changing leadership

Transition to Supervision: Managing the “Bud to Boss” Challenge
Creating Solutions and Taking Action: Problem-Solving, Decision-Making, and
Feedback: It’s a Gift But Doesn’t Always Seem Like It!
Emotional Intelligence: The People Side of Work
Bridging and Leveraging Generational Differences
Managing Conflicts with Confidence
Managing Priorities and Time: Increasing Efficiency and Decreasing Stress
Creating Engagement: Energizing Yourself and Others at Work
An Introduction to the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Know Thyself: Discovering Your Leadership Style through Individual Awareness
Managing Performance Day-to-Day
Lateral Leadership: Influencing Without Authority
Effective Interpersonal Communication: Listen So They'll Talk and Talk So They'll Listen
Managing Up: Helping Your Boss to Help You
Thinking (and Speaking) on Your Feet
Leading Meetings That Matter
Teams That Work: Leading and Contributing to Effective Teams
Motivation and Reward: The Carrot, Not the Stick
Growing the People You Need: Coaching and Developing Others
Mentoring: Getting Started and Maximizing the Relationship
The Accidental Trainer: Facilitating When You're the Subject Matter Expert
Mapping Your Future: Creating and Using Your Individual Development Plan
Strengths Deployment Inventory: Understanding Your Work Style
StrengthsFinder: Understanding and Using Your Strengths at Work
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: Understanding and Using Your and Other's Preferences at Work


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