“I gained a lot of confidence in my leadership skill with this training, largely due to the practice of role playing, and also understanding my strengths and weaknesses in leadership styles. This has helped me to be able to have those hard conversations with the employees I supervise. I am able to use the knowledge gained in giving constructive feedback to address issues that may have been avoided in the past.” -Jeff K., Supervisor, Marathon County

“I always liked my job… but now I like it even more because I understand my strengths better! It’s amazing how knowing more about yourself can help you become..more effective at what you do.”
-Jose G., USACE, SPK District

“The best success story [from the Leadership & Management Development Program] really isn’t about interfacing with others or being a better leader to other, but rather learning about myself. This year I faced the hardest person of all to manage – myself. The inward reflection on who I am, what I want to be, what abilities rest beneath a crust of unrealized potential and how I want to act (not react) to the onslaught of wildly varied situations has been a wonderful experience. The scariest thing in life is a honest examination of oneself. However, one of the most rewarding is doing just that and finding ways to rejoice in the good things, improve upon the less than good things and find absolution in knowing one is not perfect.” -M. Johnson, Department Director, Marathon County

“I think I’m a success story. The way I now look at our core values and that I believe that I now lead by example rather than just explaining them to the employees. I try to apply [what I’ve learned in the Leadership & Management Development Program] to all my thought processes and to instill in my department and employees a team first attitude. This has resulted in employees helping other employees without being asked. They are doing this totally on their own and that makes me feel we are on the right path.” -Dennis V., Supervisor, Marathon County

“We really enjoyed our first team session. We feel like a weight has been lifted off our shoulders; this is a really positive step for us. We even structured our last meeting the way you suggested and it worked well! We can’t wait to keep working with [Lumin].”-Jennifer A., Board Member, Backing The Blue Line

“I wanted to say thank you for all you do! I’m learning so much from the Leadership Development Program and I know this knowledge will all benefit me and those that work with me for years to come. YOU ARE APPRECIATED!”
-Dana W., USACE, SPK District

“The sessions gave me the tools to get to know myself as a manager better and the [people] that I supervise better. I was able to deal with different personalities and managerial needs in a more productive and positive manner, thus helping to ensure a positive work environment.” -Lisa H., Supervisor, Marathon County

“You were amazing. Your workshop was the highlight of the supervisor training!” -Lead, Great River Greening

“Lumin contractors are very knowledgeable and professional while at the same time outgoing and personable. I’ve worked with these contractors for several years and greatly appreciate their talents and capability to manage this complex program. They are flexible and able to make changes in the program schedule (in conjunction with our USACE governance meeting schedule changes) when needed without losing any momentum or program excellence. Outstanding Leadership Development Program contractors!” -Robin L., Program Manager, USACE, South Pacific Division

“My success story has simply been enjoying discussing what we have learned with the other Supervisors within the Highway Department and observing it being put into practice. Practice makes permanent and hopefully I can live up to the commitment of using what I have learned to help those within the Highway Dept succeed in their endeavors.” -Dan.R., Supervisor, Marathon County