Organizational Culture

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What is organizational culture? Does it differ from organizational climate? Why do we need to pay attention to this – isn’t it just another fad? If we do pay attention to it, and then want to change it, how do we do that? These are just some of the questions we will discuss in Illuminations this month.

Let’s begin with the question, “what is organizational culture?” Basically, organizational culture is how people within an organization behave and how they attach meaning to those behaviors. It includes values, mission, vision, nomenclature, symbols, shared beliefs, and patterns of communication. These elements continually interact and influence each other in obvious ways (e.g., mission statements) and in less obvious ways (e.g., how conflict is handled…or not handled). The result? Dynamic organizational culture.

Continuously shifting and changing, culture is both a challenge and an opportunity for leadership. It is a process that can and should be managed and led.

How do you define organizational culture? What effects of culture do you experience at work?

Next week – Is organizational culture different from climate? Why do we need to pay attention anyway – isn’t it just another fad?


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