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Per our intro post on Illuminations this month, we were going to talk about some of our challenges and successes as a service provider to the government during the shutdown and sequestration, but rather than dwelling on the challenges of the year, we decided to look forward to re-energizing during how to spend the holiday break instead!  We all talked about what rejuvenating, relaxing, and re-energizing activities we could do during break and thought we’d share a few!

  • Take some time to reflect on this year – What went well for you? What were your greatest accomplishments? Take a moment to acknowledge the challenges and struggles, but be willing to let them go and focus on what you learned from them. Remember that what you learned will make you that much more prepared to have a great year in 2014!
  • UNPLUG! – Try to live in the moment this holiday season. Enjoy the time spent with family and friends, savor the delicious food you make or are served (and give yourself a break on your diet too), and take time to enjoy the decorations and the weather (sunny, snowy, or otherwise). Remind yourself that it’s ok to not check for and answer every email/phone call/text that arrives during your holiday celebrations and it’s ok to not capture every precious moment on film.  Come out from behind your phone/computer/tablet/camera and just enjoy!
  • Indulge – Whether it’s a cup of hot cocoa by the fire with loved ones, a trip to the spa, or a gift from yourself to yourself, take the opportunity to treat yourself and enjoy the indulgence. Of course, we encourage you to keep your holiday happy and healthy by indulging in moderation!
  • Invest in yourself – Balance is important, so once you’ve had a chance to indulge a bit and enjoy the festivities, get some exercise, eat healthy, and plan for what wellness-focused changes you’d like to make as you transition to a new year. If you’re not sure, no worries! We’ll be covering goal-setting and intentionality in our January posts, so be sure to check back then!
  • Relax with a good book or movie – Take a look.  How big is that stack of novels on your nightstand?  How long is that queue on Netflix?  Choose a book or movie that fits your mood and allow yourself to be transported!

What are your ideas about how to make the most of this time and prepare to kick the new year off with a renewed sense of energy and enthusiasm? We’d love to hear from you! We wish you all a very happy holidays and a fantastic new year!

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