Regroup and Refocus

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Do you ever have times when you get distracted, lose sight of your priorities, or just become overwhelmed by everything you have to do? Of course you do. We all do. That’s the reality of life in the modern workplace. Competing priorities, doing more with less, rapid changes, and the ultimate – always putting other people’s needs first.

While those challenges may be real and relevant, we can’t just throw up our hands and say, “Oh well. Maybe some day I can get to the really important stuff.” That’s kind of like saying, “I’ll sleep tomorrow.” It won’t actually happen unless we choose to do something different; to do something more intentional. But how do you do that?

Think of this as your “self-management” checklist:

  • Review, clarify, or perhaps identify for the first time, your personal values. (Need help? Contact us!)
  • Review or set your goals. What are the 1-3 things you are dedicated to achieving, improving, or changing?
  • Take stock. Ask yourself how what you do every day exemplifies your values and contributes to your goals. Do those two things drive you or do you get sidetracked and distracted by other things?
  • Curb the distractions. We can’t multi-task. We just can’t. So in order to be more effective in committing to better self-management and acting in ways that are consistent with our values and support our goals, we may need to reduce or eliminate distractions. This is going to look different for everyone. Maybe it’s headphones in the cube. Maybe it’s a 30 min. meeting with staff at mid-day to answer questions (as opposed to them coming in one at a time throughout the day). Maybe it’s teleworking one day a week. Maybe it’s shutting OFF your email for a couple of hours everyday.
  • Find the courage to say “yes”. Saying “yes” to your own goals means you may have to say “no” to some opportunities, ideas, or people.
  • Share your goals. Find an accountabilibuddy – someone who knows your goals, can provide you feedback, and help hold you accountable.
  • Celebrate your successes. We don’t do this enough! Take credit. Pat yourself on the back. Celebrate when you’ve reached a milestone or achieved a goal.

If you can better manage yourself, you will lead change and change leadership!

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